8. What can you do?

Anyone who has a bank account or a pension can play a key role in the global movement against nuclear weapons by joining the campaign for divestment.

In Scotland, campaigning for divestment offers us a way to undermine the financial support for Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons programme. A majority of Scots and the Scottish government opposed Trident renewal, but the project is going ahead because of the political support that it received from the Conservative Party and the UK Labour Party. If we can persuade Scottish financial institutions to divest from nuclear weapons producers, this will incentivise those companies to end their involvement with Trident and other nuclear weapons programmes.

This section contains information about how you can engage with your bank and pension fund on nuclear weapons divestment (sections 8.2 and 8.3), as well as information about approaching your local authority (section 8.4) and the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme (section 8.5).