5.10 Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University provided us with a list of its endowment investments as at April 2019. The list shows that the university has no direct investments in nuclear weapons producers, however, the university may have indirect investments through some of the funds listed. For example, the Standard Life Investments European Equity Income Fund holds shares in Airbus.

Edinburgh Napier University is a registered charity. The university’s Ethical Financial Investment Policy states that the trustees of the charity (the university) are under a duty to exclude investments that conflict with the objects of the charity, or those that would inhibit the purpose of the charity. However, the policy says that the university “would not wish to be proscriptive” and investment decisions are left to investment fund managers who are “required to consider social responsibility parameters before making any investment”.

If you are a student at Edinburgh Napier and you think that the university’s policy should be strengthened, consider contacting the University’s principal. You can also contact CAAT Universities (https://caatunis.net/) or People and Planet (https://peopleandplanet.org/) for information about how to get involved in divestment campaigns.