5.2 University of Strathclyde

We have not found a University of Strathclyde investment policy related to nuclear weapons. We submitted a freedom of information request to University of Strathclyde regarding its investments and the response dated 20 July 2018 shows that two of the university’s endowment funds hold shares worth a total of £336,963 in BAE Systems. BAE Systems is one of the world’s largest arms companies and produces key components for the nuclear arsenals of the UK, the US and France. BAE is also constructing Britain’s four new nuclear-armed “Dreadnought” submarines, which are set to cost taxpayers over £41 billion.

We suggest that concerned University of Strathclyde students contact the university’s principal to explain why the university should divest from nuclear weapons producers and adopt a nuclear weapons divestment policy (see section 1 for reasons why organisations should divest).

Strathclyde University students could also contact CAAT Universities Network or People and Planet for information about how to get involved in student divestment campaigns.