5.7 University of Stirling

The University of Stirling’s socially responsible investment policy states that the university “will not invest directly (or through collective funds) in fossil fuel companies, arms companies or corporations complicit in the violation of international law”. The exclusion of arms companies implicitly covers nuclear weapons producers.

We commend the university for having a policy that excludes arms companies from investment. However, we have been unable to verify whether this policy has been comprehensively applied. We requested a list of companies that the university invests in under freedom of information but the university only sent us a list of the trusts and funds where its investments are held.


If you’re a student at the University of the Stirling and you’re concerned about the university’s investments, you can contact Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) Scotland about getting involved in the divestment activities of the CAAT Universities Network: scotland@caat.org.uk.