2021 table of all investments for websiteAnyone can support Don’t Bank on the Bomb Scotland’s campaign by contacting their bank, pension fund, local councillors and MSPs about nuclear weapons divestment.

Below you will find template letters and briefing sheets that contain details of the investments of some of the organisations that we research, as well as key facts about divestment.

Template emails and letters

Elected representatives:

  • Click here for our template letter to local councillors and click here for a copy of the model resolution on divestment to send to them.
  • Click here for our template letter to MSPs.

You can send your local councillors and MSPS the template letter quickly and easily by simply putting in your postcode at

Financial institutions:

Visit our partner organisation, the UK Nuclear Weapons Financing Research Group’s site for template emails that you can send directly to financial institutions, including:

Briefing Sheets

  • Click here for our briefing sheet on the Scottish Local Government Pension Scheme.
  • Click here for our Lothian Pension Fund briefing sheet.
  • Click here for our Strathclyde Pension Fund briefing sheet.


  • Click here for our presentation to the Nae Cash For Nukes meeting in Edinburgh, 19 November 2019.
  • Click here for our presentation to the 2019 Helensburgh CND conference on disarming Scotland through divestment.