5. Scottish universities

This section contains information about Scottish universities that we have found to be investing endowment funds in nuclear weapons producers (Glasgow and Strathclyde). We have also included information about universities which have a policy covering investments in nuclear weapons (Edinburgh, St Andrews, Aberdeen). There may be other Scottish universities which fall into either category, but have not made details of their investments or their policy readily available.

If you are a student, or alumni in Scotland who is concerned about nuclear weapons investments, we suggest you do some research to find out whether your university has a policy relating to nuclear weapons producers and whether it invests in them. If you find out that your university has such investments, you can contact the university’s principal to explain why you think that the university should divest from nuclear weapons producers and adopt a nuclear weapons divestment policy (see section 1 for reasons why organisations should divest).

You can also contact CAAT Universities Network or People and Planet for information about how to get involved in student divestment campaigns. The example of Edinburgh University discussed below demonstrates how sustained student activism can lead to a change in investment policy.