1.4 Scotland opposes nuclear weapons

The Scottish organisations that provide financing to nuclear weapons producers are helping to fund the production and maintenance of weapons of mass destruction which are indiscriminate, immoral and now illegal under the TPNW. This is out of step with Scottish public opinion and inconsistent with the position of the Scottish government.

A majority of Scots opposed Trident renewal and a March 2018 poll found that 72% of Scots believe that the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme should not be allowed to invest in arms manufacturers.

The Scottish government is firmly opposed to nuclear weapons, a position that was reiterated by First Minister (FM) Nicola Sturgeon at the 2017 SNP conference when she said: “We say ‘no’ to weapons of mass destruction. We say ‘no’ to nuclear weapons on the River Clyde, or anywhere else.” FM Sturgeon has signed ICAN’s parliamentary pledge of support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, as have a majority of Members of the Scottish Parliament and a majority the Scottish MPs at Westminster.